The Wisconsin Badgers women’s basketball team features an uncommonly tight bond between its new head coach Marisa Moseley and transfer Katie Nelson. The Badger Report’s Jerome Barnett has the story.

Katie Nelson: “My relationship with Coach Mo at Boston was great. I’m so lucky to have had her for three years.”

Katie Nelson: “Coach Mo’s decision to come here affected my decision huge. I really wanted to have the opportunity to play for her and her staff for a fourth year.”

Marisa Moseley: “Usually people transfer and they want something different, so for her to come with me, I think that, you know, is probably uncommon, but I’m so grateful cause I think that it’s really enabled us to establish something a little bit quicker here because we have that synergy in the locker room.”

Katie Nelson: “I think that with me coming here it really allowed me to show the team what the culture that Coach Mo wants to bring and the system, so just being able to have that extension of herself on the floor I think has really helped the team in the last couple of months.”

Sydney Hilliard: “When I’m on the court and if I have a question or something, I can just go to Katie or Coach Moseley, and they’re just really reliable and helpful.”

Marisa Moseley: “I think it’s only gonna, you know, continue to grow. I think we really understand what the each other’s thinking most of the time and I trust her to make decisions on the court.”

Katie Nelson: “I think it’s going to develop a lot more.”

Sydney Hilliard: “It’ll just keep helping us. I think they have such a great relationship and that can kind of stem to us as players, and I don’t know. Both of them are just really great resources for us because they both know the offense and the defense and what we want to accomplish this year.”

Nelson and Moseley will help lead Wisconsin in their game against U-W Oshkosh this Sunday.

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