For Tiffany Fisher, the new Target on State Street reflects a larger trend in downtown Madison. Gracie Lund gives us an inside look.

When I first learned about State Street in 2014, State Street felt a little bit more local and independent than it does now

Fisher moved to Madison in 2014 for graduate school. She currently is an employee at Browzers Bookshop, just a few storefronts away from Target. They recently re-opened this month after experiencing hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I think there definitely is a bit of a threat to long standing businesses. I mainly say that because of community pharmacy and A Room of One’s Own having to recently move out of their long term spaces that they had to move out of just off of State Street

“to think about them, if those kind of long established businesses can sort of be pushed out of State Street area for one reason or another… My gut feeling is that does not necessarily bode well for other businesses.”

According to Visit Downtown Madison, downtown has more than 300 retail, restaurant, and entertainment establishments. Professor Kurt Paulsen says there has been a concern about corporate and chain stores on State Street for the last twenty years.

“There’s nothing really new about this concern. It’s a high value destination retail.”

“Downtowns are always changing. Business mix is always important for economic development.”

The 15,000 square foot State Street Target is Wisconsin’s first small-format Target. For the Badger Report, I’m Gracie Lund.

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