By Arailym Sheraly

COVID-19 is forcing even the established local restaurants to close… However, the year-old Caspian Grill hasn’t shut their doors yet. the owner is putting all efforts and savings in to keep it afloat.   

We don’t have a lot of indoor customers, but we still have a lot of delivery and carryout orders”, says Emin Buzhunashvili, the owner of Caspian Grill.  

Buzhunashvili says buying a delivery van with his personal funds has been the best solution for his business. As a result, new customers have brought nearly a 30 percent increase in sales.  

To see more customers supporting creative entrepreneurs, the Wisconsin Restaurant Association urges people to dine in restaurants.  

The one thing that we do know is, restaurants are a particularly safe place to go. They do a lot of sanitization, they are doing social distancing, they are wearing masks, they are having their staff wear masks, they’re encouraging their customers to wear masks, and so on”, says Kristine Hillmer, WRA president.

While fear of being exposed to the virus is widespread, few loyal customers continue to dine in and help restaurants survive the pandemic.

“There’s very important to show our support because we enjoy the food so much. This is kind of our favorite place to go and we try to come at least once a week”, says Mary Jo Grimm.  

Devoted customers continue to support their favorite restaurants. this is especially important during winter when customer attendance is already low. For the Badger Report, I’m Arai Sheraly.