“The people united will never be divided”

The 2020 election has left Wisconsin more politically divided than ever before

“Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump”

Wisconsin’s presidential race was again decided by a razor thin margin like it was in 2016, and the gulf between right and left seems larger than ever before.

“I certainly have never seen the nation as divided as it is in my entire lifetime.”

Dr. Davidson studies emotions for UW-Madison, and says the first step towards bridging the divide is to practice genuine listening.

“We need to do a better job of taking the perspective of another, and appreciating why a person may feel the way he or she does.”

Davidson said it is difficult to just decide to practice genuine listening and empathy after not using those skills for a while, but that change would have to come with time and practice.

Voters in Madison said that they hoped a Joe Biden presidency would help ease tensions between the right and left.

“Towards the beginning here I think it’ll stay pretty divided, but I feel like as the next four years go on everything will kind of start to come together.”

“I don’t think in his entire length as president, whether that ends up being four or eight years, he’ll fix everything but I do think a Biden presidency is a step in the right direction.”

While it’s easy to talk about bipartisan compromise, ultimately only time will tell if our nation can heal as inauguration day gets closer.

For the Badger Report I’m Nathan Denzin

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