With the COVID infection rate on the rise, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are facing the consequences of the virus first-hand in a way that many of them never could have anticipated. 

Earlier this week, I spoke to some UW-Madison nursing students to see what their experience is like as front-line healthcare workers. 

Last week Tuesday, Governor tony Evers issued an executive order urging people throughout the state of Wisconsin to stay home as cases of covid-19 continue to rise and hospitals reach increasingly high capacity. 

While student healthcare workers are facing the first-hand consequences of pandemic. 

“My job was very normal at the beginning, I was used to having to take care of people, but I wasn’t used to having to see death so fast,” said Aimee Melendez. 

Evers executive order, though it did not impose any new restrictions on Wisconsin residents, specifically highlighted the struggles of health care workers in the state. 

“You can probably tell but I have bruises from my N-95 mask that I have to wear 10 hours a day, so it’s a whole different ballgame and I don’t know being short staffed on a normal day is terrible but being short staffed when everyone is in need of somebody is even worse,” said Ashley Thomas.

Over the weekend, cases of COVID-19 reached a high of 8,418 cases in one day. the city of Madison, which has been a hub for covid cases since students returned to campus in the fall remains a primary concern for students and community members alike. 

“Across our state, families, workers, and communities continue to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our healthcare workers are going to work every day working three sometimes four shifts in a row often having to reuse or share masks and putting themselves and their families at risk to do their jobs,” said Governor Tony Evers. 

On Tuesday, Dane County officials placed a ban on indoor gatherings and limited outdoor gatherings to 10 people, while actions to quell the spread of the virus continue statewide. 

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