Wizard World Comic Con is partnering with the Madison Reading Project to bring over 200 comic books and graphic novels to kids across Dane County.

Attendees were encouraged to bring child appropriate materials to the Alliant Energy Center says event PR Manager Jerry Milani.

“We just feel like it’s an opportunity for fans who might have extra books.Who want to donate them, who want to give them a good home to do that.”

Founder of the Madison Reading Project Rowan Childs says graphic novels are so popular among school aged kids they can barely keep them on the shelf.

We see much younger kids taking those books because they know that it’s cool and want to read it or their siblings are reading it. So they’re attempting to read at a higher level.

Marvel illustrator Kurt Lehner says he was never a big reader until he got into comic books.

 “I learned to read properly because of comics. When I was in elementary School I struggled with reading and I kind of stuttered as I read out loud. I was nervous you know not confident. Comic books actually helped, me to become confident.”

Incredible Hulk actor Luo Ferrigno says pop culture and social media have done a lot to legitimize graphic novels in literature.

“It’s much more respected today, when I was a kid, people said that to me but today there’s no more shame to it. It’s great because you’re learning a lot from the story.”

For the Badger Report, I’m Tahleel Mohieldin

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