By: Vera Rosenbeck (reporter) and Lexi Schweinert (photographer)

This weekend the Women’s Hockey team played two games against Bemidji State at LaBahn arena. The team seems untouchable right now, and have not lost a single game this season. According to the players themselves, they owe their success to one specific thing.

“Our team is able to make fun out of anything and like we get along so well off the ice and i think that’s what really helps us on the ice. We don’t really have any drama or anything and I think that’s why we’re so good. Like we have no problems off the ice so there’s really no problems on the ice, and you can see it in the chemistry on the ice it’s awesome.” says the Team Captain, Mekenzie Steffen. 

Team player Abby Roque agrees.

“Our team’s chemistry’s really good, we all like to be at the rink, we all like to be here having fun, playing hockey. The games are fun, we love being here and I think that’s a big part of why we win.” 

The team knew Bemidji State was going to give them a run for their money, but they were determined to continue their winning streak. As Steffen put it: “They always just kind of pack it in and that’s their style. they don’t want us to score and they don’t let us score so it’s always a challenge but it’s really fun.” 

Also Abby Roque looks forward to a hard match. “They’re going to come trying to play us as hard as they can. Everyone wants to take down number one and take down the Badgers and we just have to be prepared.”

And they delivered. They dominated the game, with a final score of four to one for both of the matches. They strengthened their winning streak to 10-0-0 on the season.The question now is, if the team can keep this pace going all the way to the National Championship next March.

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