By: Alyssa Hui (Reporter) and Mackenzie Christman (Photojournalist)

Over 200 students gathered in Madison to discuss social justice issues, equity, and change in their schools. 

 The badger report’s Alyssa Hui has more details on the conference and spoke to some students on what they hope to see moving forward.  

Students and advisors from 12 different states gathered in Madison Wednesday through Saturday…talking about how they can make their schools better for underrepresented groups in the classroom. 

 For students like Ava Byrd, she hopes to see diversity, equity, and inclusion education training for teachers and counselors in her school district. 

 Byrd says training is also about understanding a person’s culture and finding ways to incorporate that into regular school curriculum.

Students had the chance to create action plans.  

Marco Ramiez, junior at Middleton High School described some of the plans. 

“What we’re trying to do right now is try to get ethnic studies in our school,” Ramiez said. 

In order to implement action plans back in schools, Ramiez adds it’s important to support each other and work together despite any differences.

 “You would have to be united with everybody in your school, not only in your school, but also in your community. because without that, you’re not going to have anything. so we have to be unified in order for us to go together as a community,” Ramiez said. 

One of the organizers of the event, Antonio Hoye, says he’s proud to see everyone come together and share their ideas of change in a safe space. 

“I want them to walk away with being really hopeful and making sure that whatever they come up with whatever they deem important to them, that they can go back to their district and actually have the support to carry it out,” Hoye said. 

 For many like Byrd, Ramiez, and Hoye the conversation about inequality and injustice go beyond this conference. 

 They say it’s about starting the conversation early, trusting one another, and coming together as a community despite race or ethnicity. 

 For the Badger Report, I’m Alyssa Hui.

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