After only three months of use, the new Ogg gym is already experiencing problems for students and residents in the southeast part of campus. Our own Ben Cross has the story.

“Due to numerous complaints from the residents of Ogg Residence Hall, the Recreational Sports Division on campus that runs the new Ogg Hall Fitness Center, instituted a new policy that dumbbells may only be used between 9am-8pm every day. Even with difficulties, officials are still pleased with what they have.”

“There is definitely a learning curve with this, a definite learning experience. I think as a whole it turned out really nice. I think people are just frustrated that it does get crowded at the peak times, but other than that I think that the equipment we have here is being used a lot.”

“Since the closing of the Southeast Recreational Facility on August 18, Ogg is the new and only gym available for students in southeast and will be for up to 2 years. Despite the optimistic outlook of Rec Sports and a clear vote from residents in the building, students like Tahz Rashid that work out at Ogg are frustrated with the outcome.”

“Being part of a residence hall, it has shorter hours, and along with that you have a lot of carpet area, a lot less access, and its realistically, basically just one room, whereas the serf you had a whole building. I think you’re losing out on a lot of space, both weight wise, cardiovascular wise. At the end of the day, these are our seg fees that are going to pay for stuff like this and we’re basically sacrificing the time we have here for a better serf in the future.”

“If it ends up being the solution that works, it might have to stick around the time that we’re there, which is about another you know year and half to two years until the SERF is built.”

“While noises may come from many places for students at UW-Madison, those in Ogg and Rec Sports hope that lifting weights, isn’t one of them. For the Badger Report, I’m Ben Cross.”

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