Student’s waiting for buses is a common sight on the streets of Madison. With colder weather right around the corner, Metro Transit has a bigger issue on hand when it comes to finding room for students on already crowded buses.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high-frequency, high-capacity, limited-stop transportation service.

One UW-Madison student says, “They are usually pretty full on weekdays around 4 o’clock and during the day when people are always on the buses.”

“I think the proposal for bus rapid transit is incredible, so that’s what they should do.”

The city of Madison is proposing the creation of a Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT.

According to a Madison Area Bus Rapid Transit Study, the transportation planning board estimated that a BRT system could shorten the commute from Capitol Square to West Towne from over 50 minutes to about 35 minutes.

Those involved in the process say the biggest tool for implementation is public opinion.

Philip Gritzmacher, Urban and Regional Planner for the City of Madison said, “Public involvement will be everything from where does the line start and end to what type of urban furniture amenities are available at stops. To which stops are chosen. Is the stop on one side of the road or the other? Those are the sorts of things that we will be reaching out to the public and trying to figure out what is important to the public.”

The proposal for BRT is currently still in phase one. But city planners hope to have the project finalized by 2018 and Madison’s first BRT constructed by 2023. For The Badger Report, I’m Lilly Hanson.

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