Heather Wentler is the co-founder of the Doyenne Group, a company that empowers women in business. She’s also the lead organizer of Startup Week in Madison.  

“It’s not just the entrepreneurial community, it’s not just the business community, but it’s the entire Madison community that is saying we are behind you and we want to support you ”

Startup Week is a series of events around Madison for local business people. The goal is to promote networking and encourage collaboration. Madison is one of 10 Wisconsin cities participating.

Startup week is meant to connect Madison business owners like the ones here on state street with other more experienced owners.

“The way we’re approaching Startup Week in Madison is how can we create an opportunity for very new just establishing organizations or entrepreneurial ventures to be able to join the entrepreneurial ecosystem”

A study by the Progressive Policy Institute and Technet found that Madison ranked 26th in the country for a number of jobs in startups.

One of these new businesses is Brix and Mortar, which provides office space for entrepreneurs and freelancers. After opening in September, owner Jocelyn Dornfeld says that Madison is a supportive city for developing a business.

“This community wraps itself around you and says ‘what do you need, how can I connect you, we will support you, and we will rise you up.“

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