Jonah Malkin

With Thanksgiving approaching the Badger Volunteers Organization is preparing to put on their annual BV Giving event. Badger Volunteers Coordinator Reuben Sanon says its powerful impact extends to both the students and the sponsors.

“Part of the power of this event is that it not only connects the students with the non-profits, but it also connects the non-profits to each other.”

One of the consistent sentiments is that the event’s main purpose is about saying thanks to all of its community sponsors.

“Thanksgiving is a time of saying thanks it’s a time of showing people that we care about them and that other people care about them. As a volunteer organization and as a large program we pride ourselves in the whole giving aspect of the program. Volunteers give the people that you volunteer for give back to you. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership. And I think this event truly embodies the program and what it really stands for.”

After speaking with Badger Volunteers Program Intern Micky Nguyen. He said that to make a food reservation they typically have to fill out an online application six weeks in advance, and to make a room reservation, they sometimes have to fill out a request just to request a room. But despite all that, he says he’s just very appreciative of the restaurants supporting and sponsoring the event.

“We want to give thanks to all of our community sponsors that we work with in the local Madison area. And this semester what we’re trying to do is to get those community partners to kind of talk about their organization and how Badger Volunteers has helped them. Its really important to recognize why you’re doing what you’re doing and that’s really important. That’s kind of the focus of BV Giving as well.”

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