Jennifer Helmer, an Herbalist the Community Pharmacy in Madison, says people have been coming from around southern Wisconsin looking for medical marijuana extract to treat a variety of health issues.

Last spring, Gov. Scott Walker passed a bill making it legal for people to possess a medical marijuana extract known as CBD oil. CBD is an active component of the marijuana plant but is not responsible for its psychoactive effects.

But variations in state, and federal law have created confusion for retailers and users.

Helmer said, “It’s really like the wild west. FDA, federal government versus state government. There is a lot of stuff going on and it is very intricate.”

Even with the confusing legal status, many people are taking CBD oil for the medical benefits.

Allie Hendrick, a CBD oil user, said, “So, at first I was trying it for anxiety and it was really effective for that and as I learned more about it I was considering it might help with inflammation.”

Allie has been using CBD oil consistently for the past 4 months and encourages others to see if it works for them.

“Really what is important to me in continuing to advocate for access to CBD.”

Legislators are still in debate whether Wisconsin will join 29 other states in legalizing medical marijuana. CBD however is the first step in addressing the medical benefits that this plant has. For The Badger Report, I’m Amos Mayberry.

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