“I’ve played a lot of team sports and nothings like being on a rugby team, ” Wisconsin Rugby President Luke Hendricks said. “I play rugby because honestly it’s the most fun sport I have ever played.”

“Currently, we have 51 players on the roster,” Hendricks said. We divide that into three teams, so we try to allow players of all different skill levels to get game time.”

“It’s a very physically demanding sport. It’s a sport for people who like contact sports. Typically, we’re top 3 or 4 in the BIG Ten every year and we’ve won it a number of times,” General Manager Skip Heffernan said.
The men’s club rugby team is not only defined by their successes on the field. The team allows for students to be immersed in a variety of cultures, through international students and through trips to countries abroad.
“I came to UW Madison without knowing any students and coming and playing rugby right away,” international student Nick O’Connell said. “Getting to know 60 guys that play my same sport and love my same sport was a great way to meet people from the very beginning.”
“We take the team on an overseas tour for spring break every other year, so we’ve been to Ireland twice, Italy twice, France, and Chile. And last spring we went to Argentina.” Heffernan said.
“So I would say to all international students that this would be a great way to get involved in our
campus,” O’Connell said.

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