By: Iphigenia Kyriakakou and Aleesa Kuznetsov

When you combine the empowerment of young girls, giving back to the community and running… you get Girls on the Run.

The current community impact project for the girls at Lincoln Elementary is running to St. Mary’s Hospital with thank you cards for the staff.

“St. Mary’s provides us with things like backpacks, and notebooks, and markers and crayons. So we want to say thank you to St. Mary’s.”

Not only are the girls giving back to the community. They’re also working up to their big 5K in November.

Running towards their 5K in mid-November, these young girls will join 1000 others, who are learning the importance of self-confidence and physical wellness.

“My daughter, this is the first year she was eligible. So she’s an 8-year-old girl, and she’s got a great group of friends in her 3rd grade class. But I’m already noticing things like decrease in her self-confidence. Girls on the Run is spending some significant amount of time focusing on what to do when that kind of stuff happens in your life, and how to deal with problems and how to get through hard times. And I thought, she and every girl can benefit from having that time, and my daughter especially.”

Kornell isn’t just a coach and mother, but also a teacher at Lincoln Elementary.

“They’re kind of seeing teachers as a part of their lives in more than just the school day.

These girls are giving back to the community, staying healthy and making lifelong friendships.

“Because it’s amazing! And it’s fun to run!”

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