By: Spencer Maki

Witte hall, which opened in the 1960’s is receiving a major facelift. In the new design, both towers will be connected allowing for new shared spaces. Students say the construction has added unwanted noise to their rooms

“During the day when they are drilling it sounds like they are drilling into your rooms, almost. It’s pretty loud.”

Despite being a construction site, the building is home to over 11 hundred students

“This morning they put up the rigs on the side. They were going up right past our window. That was kind of weird.”

Uw housing said they have tried to minimize the disruption for their residents.

“There’s set hours they can work. So, just noise complaints.”

Students say the noise has disrupted their studying and free time during the day.

“Yeah I have. During the day it’s pretty bad and I like to take naps. So, that’s kind of a struggle.”

All witte residents have received an air conditioning unit and a discount for the year. Even with the inconvenience, students say they would choose to live there again.

“Yeah, it doesn’t really affect me all too much. So, it’s okay.”

Though the site manager wasn’t allowed to speak on camera, he did say construction is on schedule and should be completed by August 2019.

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