The new e-text pilot program makes the shift from hard copy to online textbooks. Starting spring semester, the program includes Calculus, Engineering, Chemistry and Psychology classes.


ASM Press Officer Courtney Morrison, says the program will help lower the cost of textbooks by 40-80 percent.


“It will be really helpful for students because one, they’re not spending as much on a textbook and two, they would be notified in advance whether or not it’s required, so, in the end it will be saving them a lot of money and making it more affordable for them to attend UW-Madison as a whole.”


Steven Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning teamed up with ASM to launch this online textbook initiative.


“ [This will] Provide instructors with improved means of acquiring materials for their courses so that all students have


access to materials on the first day of class and enhance their interaction capabilities with their students.”


According to Cramer, the success of this program will be evaluated at the end of spring semester.


BRIDGE: “With the shift to online textbooks, the beloved tradition of going to UW’s bookstore, may no longer exist”


Pat McGowan, University Bookstore President says this program WILL affect their sales. They will no longer sell the titles since the program involves a direct delivery model.


“The real goal long-term is just to remain relevant, so we want to be in the mix and try to help the students in any way we can to get their course materials and save money”


The success of this program will be measured at the end of the year, and the program’s relationship with UW-Madison’s bookstore may be re-evaluated too.

Emelia Rohl with the Badger Report.


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