This is Beth Kille: She’s a Performer. A music director for Girls Rock Camp and a Showcase Host.  But Kille is more than a singer/songwriter. She’s a force in the Madison music industry.

“I get to play and perform which I love doing, I get to teach which I love doing, and I get to surround myself  with all these amazing women who work at the camp and all these amazing campers who are so creative and totally inspire me,” Kille said. 

Kille said she’s used to being the only woman billed in performances. So she’s made it her mission to support and connect other women in Madison.

“There has just kind of been a sisterhood that has developed in the music scene here that has really allowed women to find spaces where they feel safe to create,” Kille said.

The goal of Kille’s career? Get women on stages, promote collaboration, and inspire the next generation of musicians.

“And I have been preaching for years that we sink or swim together as a music community,” Kille said. 

All of Beth Kille’s work boils down to art. And according to Kille, art is not optional.

“If you are expressing yourself in some way, that’s when you are going to be healthiest and happiest and most productive in the world,” Kille said. 

For the Badger Report, I’m Madeline Westberg.

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