A New York Times Best Seller is sparking several large, controversial discussions about Hillbilly culture on campus. Ben Cross has the story.

Members of the UW Christian faculty and staff fellowship held a discussion on Hillbilly Elegy Friday, a New York Time’s best seller about the emotional damage of a childhood in hillbilly Ohio. While the author was unable to show up, the fellowship discussed faith aspects from the book that connect to the UW student body.

Part of the power of Hillbilly Elegy is that’s a story writ large across lots of white middle class to the country that people across the country looking for the American dream are realizing that it’s not attainable anymore.

The key take away is that those early experiences really do matter for later functioning in particular set of ways.

I think there’s something really universal about that story, its an individual story but I think its something that people can really connect with.

The discussion was part of a three month series of talks around Madison that will conclude on December 5th at Madison Public Library. For the Badger Report, I’m Ben Cross.

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