by Alanna Conley

“Poetry was like my first love. It was the way I got through so many traumas in my life, so many experiences in my life.”

Jasmine Kiah is a student poet, actress, director and singer. Simply put, performance poetry is when poets act out their original content for audiences in an emotionally compelling way.

“If I was feeling some kind of way and I couldn’t explain it having just a normal conversation, poetry is what I go to.”

Friday, a competition will take place here, in Sellery Residence Hall at the Block Box. This competition will decide which student poets make it to the National Competition, CUPSI, in Chicago. Jasmine will be the performance coach for these student poets.

The qualifier Friday is part of Uprise Poetry Collectives effort to bring slam poetry back to campus. Co-program director Penda Smith is looking to reinvigorate the Madison Poetry Community.

“In the future, we hope to make Uprise Poetry Collective not just a slam space but also a space people can write, build and outreach to other people outside of the Madison community”

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