Madison, WI– Centro Hispano, a non-profit organization in Madison, brought the community together to help decrease anxiety among the Hispanic community after Trump’s campaign rhetoric and his plan for a mass deportation.

“People are scared in panic. In fact, a friend of mine left because he got scared,” said Maria Julieta Ruiz.

Police officers, religious leaders, and community activists pledge to protect and defend the rights of the Hispanic community and make Madison a safe haven for undocumented individuals.

“We’re not gonna sit here and take part in that, you know, maybe the racism that is out there or the bias because we are here to serve the entire community. Our main focus is to keep the community safe no matter where you are,” said Police Officer Zulma Franco.

Executive Director of Centro Hispano, Karen Coller says the community needs to stay optimistic.

“I think just be hopeful, stay put, know that nothing has happened yet so we don’t know what to predict. But always know that you can count on the community here to back you up and we are never gonna led up, we are always going to stay with each other and we are always going to support each other so you are not alone.”

Ruiz states that the Hispanic community is not who president-elect Donald Trump has painted them to be.

“We are here working. We are not criminals. I have taught my daughters to work and not to live off of others or to be doing bad things,” said Ruiz.


Reporter: Rosario Dominguez

Photojournalist: Linh Nguyen