Madison, Wis. – Protesters have occupied sacred stone camp since April to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. Activists rallied last Friday in an event organized by the Madison socialist alternative on library mall before marching across town. The march ended in front of U.S Bank, which partly finances the pipeline.

UW student Dylan Rindo attended the protest because of his interest and was intrigued by the speakers’ stories.

“It was definitely moving. A lot of the stories that people had from having been there, I don’t know how you can here and not be moved by.  Stories of people being gassed and having dogs sicked on them, that kind of thing like that.”

Rachel Halaska decided to join the rally to protest the increasing presence of police violence at the site.

“I think it’s an atrocity. I think it’s militarizing the police force for corporate greed and I was in the military.”

Organizer Teddy Shibabaw spoke and led chants. Shibabaw planned the event in an effort to show the protesters at standing rock that they have the support of others.

“We have to fight back against the greed of corporations that benefit from these extractive industries and don’t give a damn about how many people it hurts. So, we’re going to build a movement. We’re going to continue the fight, and we hope more people join us.”

Reporter: Matt Davis

Photojournalist: Maggie Sullivan

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