MADISON, Wis. — The 2016 race that began nearly 600 days ago with 22 major candidates has come to an end. Many Democratic voters gathered on Election Night for a watch party at the Majestic Theater.

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed their strong beliefs in the Democratic Party and Hillary’s chance of winning.

“Looks like it will go Democrat based on Nate Silver’s projection. I’m hoping it’s true but there’s been already surprises tonight at the polls,” Clinton supporter Fritz Grutzner said.

“Everything says that Hillary should win, and that’s comforting to me as a Hillary supporter,” student Taylor Palmby said.

The audience enjoyed the historic night with pizza and drinks while watching the election unfolds on the big screen.

Clinton’s supporters were looking very optimistic at the beginning, but as the night went on, the results took a turn many at the event didn’t expect.

“I mean right now it’s making me feel really nervous, because I don’t really like how the polls are turning out right now. It’s like a really close call,” Amy So said. “I thought it was going to be a close call, but like right now it’s like a real nail-biter for me.”

While there was strong support for Hillary at the Majestic Theater, the election has shown that national voters chose Donald Trump to be the next president.