MADISON, Wis. — Vice President Joe Biden visited Madison last Friday to campaign for Hillary Clinton, five days ahead of the presidential election.

This year, the millennial generation’s votes counted the most. It was the first time that the percentage of eligible millennial voters outweighed the baby boomers’, and Vice President Biden paid a visit to Madison to ignite Democratic support among the city’s young population.

Energy and excitement were high at the rally as Biden called millennials the most tolerant and giving age group, emphasizing the importance for them to get involved in the election.

“You’re an incredible generation. The only thing that shows is, like my generation in the ‘60s, not enough of you are engaged in the political process,” Biden said.

Biden, along with Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin and Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold drew a crowd of over 1,200 to The Orpheum Theatre on State Street, many of whom were UW-Madison students.

“I live right there so I figure why the hell not go see Joe Biden and have one last experience with this campaign,” attendee Katie Cooney said.

Despite the polarizing presidential race, Biden says he is more optimistic than ever about the future of the United States in the hands of millennials.

“American never breaks. America always overcomes. And we will own the finish line in the 21st century,” Biden said. “God love you go out and vote. Vote! Vote! Vote!”