MADISON, Wis. — As the race for president drew to a close, a crowd gathered at The Madison Concourse Hotel, just blocks away from the state capital. The Republican Party of Dane County was celebrating the end of a long, hard-fought election season. As results poured in, attendees’ reactions were mixed.

“I’m not sure I thought Trump might win coming in, but now seeing the stuff on TV I’m wondering if he is gonna win. I’m not really sure though,” attendee Rolf Lindgren said.

“I’m all for a woman in the oval office. I think it’s important, I think that we need to have that balance. I would like to see it continue, I just don’t know if this was our best choice,” Robert Ralph said.

“We are so sick and tired of it. We are glad it’s going to be over one way or another,” Daniel and Maria Milsted said.

As more results came in, the mood of the room relaxed. The crowd seemed more confident that their candidates would win.

“(I’m) happy that we are ahead. Yes, very, very happy. I am really hoping for a Republican win. We need to change things in the United States,” Angie Bausch said.

“Just hope that it’s a peaceful coming together after the entire election,” Karen Urquidi said.

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