The city of Sun Prairie honored the Waukesha community at their own holiday parade this past weekend. The Badger Report’s Ryan Wollersheim has the story.

Sun Prairie’s annual Fire and Lights parade was back this past weekend after a year off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though, this year’s celebration came with a more serious tone.

The parade took a moment of silence as one of many tributes to victims of the Waukesha parade tragedy.

Sun Prairie community and diversity strategist Jake King said this year’s parade was about both celebration and support.   

Jake King: “What we’re all hoping to see is just people come together and support people that they may not know – they may not have a connection to Waukesha – but they still want to support others, and they also want to come out because it’s the holiday season . . .”

Sun Prairie also added three message boards where parade-goers could show support for Waukesha’s first responders, community members, and healthcare workers.

Ryan Wollersheim: “While the effects of the Waukesha parade tragedy could be seen through messages of support, departments across Sun Prairie’s first responder divisions, and beyond, worked behind the scenes to ensure the safety and holiday spirit of their own Christmas parade.”

Christopher Garrison: “This is a team effort between fire, police, EMS, and public works to put this thing together and have safety implemented throughout the whole city.”

Chief Garrison also said the city doubled its police and fire presence for this year’s parade.

Police Lieutenant Ryan Cox said that Sun Prairie has spent years actively developing an Emergency Action Plan, long before such a public safety threat hit so close to home. 

Ryan Cox: “We look at these events, both local, statewide, countrywide, and worldwide, for us to be able to be prepared. So, we do not stay ignorant to them whatsoever.”

With public safety on the minds of first responder departments across the state, Sun Prairie’s remain ready to answer the call.

For the Badger Report, I’m Ryan Wollersheim.

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