“Aw….I can tell by your response by that that you’re not gonna like this next picture.”

“The people who came to see the comedian and UW alumnus Charlie Berens did like his show at the Orpheum on Saturday night.”

“Relatable, funny, Wisconsin native.”

“Having grown up in the Midwest, Wisconsin humor hits really close to home, and it’s one of those, it’s so accurate it’s funny, and I cannot wait for tonight.”

“I look wasted in that photo!”

“Charlie Berens has performed in theaters all over, but some of his fondest memories are right here in Madison.”

“My Manitowoc Minute character is based off of, you know, my time in local news.”

“The foundation was all sort of laid at Madison. So I’m very, very thankful for it.”

“How am I supposed to trust you if you’re not adequately prepared for the great bag shortage of 2045, huh?”

“There’s sort of, ‘be nice first, ask questions later, you know, and that attitude can get you a long way. And then also just the work ethic. I think the Midwest has a really great work ethic.”

“As always, go badgers. And Muck Fichigan.” 

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