by Miriam Jaber and Amona Saleh

Did you know that the College of Engineering here at UW Madison provides more mental health resources to its students? Including unlimited individual therapy session.

Whereas the other colleges and schools limit students to 20 individual therapy sessions to be used within their undergraduate career.

Miriam Jaber and Amona Saleh investigate student’s thoughts on this discrepancy and the reason behind it.

Hannah Cooper: “I wasn’t aware that engineering students got unlimited therapy sessions and I do think that’s slightly unfair since other majors can also be extremely vigorous and time consuming. Your major doesn’t necessarily depict what’s going on in your personal life that can also affect your mental health. What I’ve heard of UHS mental health department, people do seem to get the impression that resources are limited.”

This is a stark contrast to the mental health services provided to students at the College of Engineering.

Abe Suleiman: “This school does a really good job at advertising that UHS is available if you ever need it. You can come here, or you can call this number, or there are just walk in times when you can just walk in and talk to someone.”

So, the question is why is there a greater focus on mental health at the College of Engineering compared to other schools at UW Madison?

Melissa Bond: “A lot of this comes down to the funding sources. It’s really based off of the college of engineering itself finding there are a lot of additional mental health stress for their students. There are many concerns they experience and there is a high academic rigor that really amplifies a lot of the same of the concerns students are also facing.”

It is unclear whether more focus will be put on mental health here at UW Madison.

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