Not everyone is fortunate enough to provide a Thanksgiving meal for their families this holiday season. Luckily, the generosity and teamwork of the Madison community continue to make sure no mouth is left unfed.

The Goodman Community Center is having its 33rd Annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive this year and community members are eager to help in any way they can.

Francesca Frisque: “I think especially during the pandemic a lot of people felt like they could see our community hurting and they wanted to find a way to provide some help, and so this Thanksgiving basket program is a way for people to kind of do their piece.”

Some Madison locals even took it into their own hands to organize donations.

Cathy Hannes: “We did a food drive. I put it on social media and like Tom said our sidewalk and driveway. We drew pictures and just let everybody know that was walking by that Sunday from noon to three we were going to be outside and anybody could drop off their stuff.”

Over 4,000 families will benefit this Thanksgiving from the donations made to the Goodman Community Center. But that doesn’t happen without the help from people like Tom and Cathy Hannes. Both Francesca and the Hannes’ agree, it truly takes a village. 

Francesca Frisque: “I definitely get nervous, but each year our community delivers and it’s really an inspiring thing to see.”

Tom Hannes: “We were overwhelmed by the amount that we got, but at the same time knowing the list that they’re attempting to make we knew it was just a fraction of help. So we thought you know if we can help, you know it takes a village.”

For the Badger Report, I’m Kelsey Tehan.

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