Schuster’s Haunted Forest is making its run again this Halloween season out in Deerfield, Wisconsin.

“I am terrified because this lady in white with long black hair came up to me and my dad while he was on a phone call… She came up to my face and cracked her head to her shoulder. She scared everyone and chased someone…”

 “I can’t handle scares well, so I was going to do this with my friends but I wimped out.”

“Fear is what you will find at Schuster’s Haunted Forest and that’s all thanks to the actors who love giving a good scare.”

“We’ve got a running tally of all the incidents of mud makers… Peers, poopers, pukers, pass out, throwing up, we keep track of all that. They get their money’s worth.”

“Schuster’s Farm has been haunting Wisconsin residents for over 20 years and every year is scarier than the last.”

“When I bought the farm and when I even started haunting I never thought I would do it at this kind of scale. We really upped the show. We got a lot of new stuff. We are bringing in toys you are not going to see at any of the other haunts around here because we got some that are over 10,000 dollars sitting out here. Every night has been sold out. We are done on October 30th. Have a great time and get ready to get scared.”

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