Last weekend, halloween celebrations were a bit different than we are used to. No trick-or-treating, no hanging out with friends, and no opportunities to show off our creative costumes while strutting down the street.

Join The Badger Report’s Tamia Fowlkes in seeing how one community organization celebrated halloween

Throughout the course of the pandemic, The Progress Center for Black Women has been hard at work expanding their outreach opportunities to members of the community with their progress van and socially distanced events like progress, pies and pumpkins, an event which served over 130 families with pumpkin painting kits, candy, community resources, and food items from three local black owned businesses.

“With the pandemic so much has changed and we just wanna make sure we are still providing engaging programs for families, giving them an opportunity to receive support receive joy and become aware of our new van and how that mobile resource is still playing a prominent role in the community,” said intern Rachel Warren.

In addition to this event, the organization recently launched their Progress Van, a mobile resource to aid community members in accessing wifi, food, and other identified needs within the community.

“So stuff like this is just gives folks an opportunity to have hope because when folks can’t pay their bills, pay their car note have transportation, have food you do lose hope you do feel like nothing’s gonna work no one is going to help me I’m all alone out here and what we’ve always been able to do with our work is say you’re not, you’re not alone,” said Founder Sabrina Madison.

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