It’s no secret that the 2020 election has stirred a lot of excitement for voters nationwide. 

As of today, over 31 million voters have cast their ballot. That’s 5 times the number of ballots cast at this time in 2016. 

Across the state, early voting is being offered to voters to aid them in gaining access to the ballot. In Milwaukee, community organizations are taking a different route to mobilize voters 

“We’re offering free rides to and from the polls throughout Milwaukee county.” 

Sylvester Jackson, a Milwaukee organizer for expo (ex-incarcerated people organizing) explained how the event served to energize voters in communities of color which had low turnout in 2016 

The organization will be giving rides to community members to all 16 Milwaukee polling locations for the early voting period 

Jackson hopes the effort will play a role in informing the community about the importance of voting and the power of their voice and just try to galvanize people to get excited and to exercise the right that so many people died know especially now with the black community where we’re having a lot of misunderstanding and thinking our votes don’t matter and we try to teach and educate the community if you’re vote didn’t matter they wouldn’t be coming up with all these different technical ways to keep us from the polls. 

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