Reporter: Montana Leggett

Photojournalist: Meggie Armstrong

Head coach Daryl Shore knows coaching a new team isn’t easy, but this team has risen to the occasion.

“Its a, I think a testament to what our club has done in the first year.”

Shore says the team has worked through a challenging schedule to get to where they are now.

Madison’s home atmosphere has been a crucial motivator during the season.

“I think the atmosphere at home. Our fan support throughout the year.”

Forward Brian Bement says fans have equally stepped up this season.

“It just makes a big difference coming in and especially playing at home knowing that we’re going to have essentially a twelfth man supporting us at all times.”

He says the core group of fans known as “The Flock” help further the team’s success at  home and on the road.

One of the Flock’s founding members, Nick Adam, says fans have become like a close family. This helps them create many unique chants and cheers.

“We chant along to the Tetris theme song from the O.G. N.E.S. Gameboy game. You jump back and forth in the rows and when you’re watching from a distance it creates a cool illusion.”

Adam says he looks forward to what fans will bring this post-season and into next season.

The post-season will bring many opportunities for the team and maybe even some new fan traditions. Fans, players, and coaches say fan support will continue driving the team forward as them move into the upcoming games.

For the Badger Report, I’m Montana Leggett.