As Walker approaches his final days in office, one activist group is excitedly awaiting his departure. I went to the Capitol to hear how they’re using music to spread their message.

Solidarity Sing Along has been protesting Walker and his policies every day since March 2011.

“It’s been a rollercoaster, but these last few weeks have been joyous”

The singers use songs and the capitol rotunda to voice their grievances and advocate for change.

“It’s brought a passion and an energy to try to save our state.”

But this passion has had its consequences, especially during the 2013 police crackdown.

“Basically I was arrested for singing. I was handcuffed, taken to the basement – I was searched, they took my stuff away from me. It was an arrest.”

So do these singers feel they’ve made a difference?

“I don’t know, I don’t know if we’re achieving our goals. But we got him out!”

Tony Evers prevented Walker from securing a third term in office, beating him in the midterm election by just over one percent. Solidarity activists will be attending Evers’ inauguration.

“For sure we’re going to sing one day after the inauguration so we can say we lasted one day longer than Walker.”

The Singers will be at the Capitol for the rest of December and into the new year.