Madison’s Freakfest music festival has some students fearful of more just ghosts and ghouls stay tuned to our more.

Last weekend, thousands of people gathered for Madison’s annual Freakfest music festival. City officials say the event is supposed to make Madison safer during Halloween weekend, but many students don’t share the same sentiments.

Freakfest was created as a way to reduce violence over Madison’s Halloween weekend, but according to City Finance Director David Schmiedicke, Freakfest not only keeps citizens safe it also saves the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Our costs prior to Freakfest in terms of police overtime and other city services has come down”

“In contrast I think to a Halloween event that we had a decade or so ago where there was a lot of property damage and things like that so it’s a more focused event and one that hopefully everyone enjoys and is positive for the city. “

WSUM Station Manager Cartlon Cook, believes that Freakfest has been positive for Madison but he also worries about how Freakfest draws in out of towners.

“I don’t know, there’s definitely an influx of people coming just to party and just making sure that people stay safe there’s no drunk driving.”

Carlton isn’t the only student who has concerns about how safe the event is.

“During Freakfest all the people that come from out of town I just feel like there’s not enough officers to correctly protect all the students that are here.”

“If I wanted to go to Freakfest I don’t think I would go just because I don’t think I would feel safe. “

Students concerns may end up making a difference in regard to the future of Freakfest.

“It’s a program the city started several years ago, I think it needs to be continually evaluated. “

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