Downtown Madison is continually being developed, but one neighborhood, in particular, has not changed much over the years. Now, the City of Madison has begun to give it the attention it needs. The Badger Report Jordan Haag has more.

Behind me, UW Madison art students are helping residents envision the future of the Mifflin neighborhood.

These students are part of a Social Practice Art engagement that took place Tuesday night. The art aimed to inspire ideas for the City of Madison’s efforts to renovate the area around West Washington and West Mifflin.

“What we are mostly going to be looking at is: land use, building design, like how entries are used, how kind of buildings interact with the street, how cars, bikes and pedestrians interact with the street and kind of those design details about how a building fits into its neighborhood,” City of Madison Planner Rebecca Cnare said.

Named “Mifflandia,” the meeting was part of a public engagement strategy that aims to engage area residents who are usually not interested or involved in a City plan.

The strategy worked. Mifflin Street resident Collin Haese came to be part of the planning.

“I believe Mifflin is a very culturally important street to the university. I think it has a lot of uniqueness,” Mifflin Street Resident Collin Haese said.

At the meeting which kicked off the planning efforts, attendees were surveyed to give their opinion on what changes they’d like to see.

More interactive meetings will take place in the coming months to continue gathering data on what changes residents want to see in the neighborhood. The data will result in recommendations for designs and implementation strategies to update the area.

“At the end of this project, then it will go various city committees and ultimately the city council will vote to make this plan actually a part of the official city law,” City Council Alder Mike Verver said.

City planners hope to be done planning the urban design and landscape architecture within six to eight months.

From the Badger Report, I’m Jordan Haag.

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