Kids playing outside the Goodman Community Center is a common sight on the West side of Madison. But nearby stands one of the oldest factories in the city with a history of pollution that may still be a concern for the neighborhood today.

Last week, Madison-Kipp Corporation, an aluminum die-casting company, settled a 2012 lawsuit over toxic soil pollution on their property. The settlement with the state will cost Kipp $350,000.

Becky Steinhoff, Executive Director of the Goodman Community Center, said she is very aware of the concerns and oversaw the attempts to clean-up the site.

“Because of our use and because we work with kids in the community, we want to make sure took all of that [pollution] out,” said Steinhoff.

Walking down the Capital City bike path, you really get a perspective of how close these two locations are. To my right is the Goodman Community Center and to my left Madison-Kipp Corporation.

Madison-Kipp already removed 50 tons of soil containing toxins, but some say this is not enough.

Steve Klafka, an environmental engineer that lives a few blocks from the site, said pollution may still be in and around the Madison-Kipp facility.

“Under the factory, there is the highest concentrations, and we don’t know where they are going.”

Steinhoff said she is confident in Madison-Kipp’s in clean-up efforts.

“Kipps is being open and communicating,” said Steinhoff.

Klafka says there’s still concern about pollution coming from the Madison-Kipp facility and it is important to continue testing.

Klafka said, “Where is it, how did it get there, and have a plan to clean it up. And I don’t think we are there yet.”

For The Badger Report, I’m Amos Mayberry.

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