Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mahlon Mitchell wants you to join a fight:

“We are in a fight folks. A fight for better healthcare. A fight for our children. We are in a fight for better wages, better jobs, a better day in Wisconsin, so all will be able to benefit, not just a select few,” he said at a rally Monday.

Mitchell announced his candidacy on a platform of improving the quality of life for working-class citizens.

“Together we can make real lasting change. That’s what we can do for this state of Wisconsin, with all hands working,” said Mitchell

Mitchell’s background as a firefighter union representative led up to a failed run for Lieutenant Governor in the 2011 recall elections, but his strong stance against Gov. Walker’s policy has already attracted supporters.

Mitchell’s campaign hopes that his background in union leadership will help attract working class voters, but he’s joining a crowded ring of democratic candidates all vying for the governor’s office.

Mitchell joins seven other contenders in the race. Activist Mike McCabe, former party chairman Matt Flynn, notable businessman Andy Gronik, state senator Kathleen Vinehout, schools superintendent Tony Evers, and representative Dana Wachs have all announced their candidacies, and at least two more, including Madison Mayor Paul Soglin are also expected to run. With stiff competition, Mitchell will need to stand out of the crowd.

“He is a Union Leader. He has advocated on behalf of those working families. Decisions he makes people live and die by. That’s what sets him apart,” said campaign manager Robert Dempsey.

The official Democratic candidate will be selected during the primary on August 14th. But in the meantime, Mahlon Mitchell’s campaign is getting crowds fired up.