Every October, thousands of people attend the Alliant Energy Center in Madison for the World Dairy Expo.  But for those entering cows, it’s year-long effort.

Hair cutting, washing, blow drying… These are just a few of the things it takes to get cows ready for the World Dairy Expo, held in Madison last week.

“It’s kind of a chores thing you do.  You start in the morning with the feeding, milking, washing, and then they go back and they can eat hay, they can rest, they can lay down and then we do some clipping.  It all is kind of routines for getting them in the right shape,” Erica Rijnevald, a cattle worker from Utrecht, the Netherlands, said.

All that effort is to prepare the cows for auction or for show.  Along with the work put in with the cows, it’s a lot of work for 11 event organizers and over 300 volunteers.

“For us as staff, it’s really a 365-day-a-year project.  We began working on the show about 18 months in advance so plans are already in place… starting to roll out things for 2018,” Dairy Expo Media Relations Manager Kristin Olson said.

And as for what keeps everyone going throughout the year, Simon Campbell of Quebec says it’s the cows.

“Passion for the likes of good animals.  That’s what pushes me out of the bed every day,” he said.

“You have to like it because it’s long hours so you have to have a passion for it otherwise you can’t,” Rijnevald added.

And after all that hard work, you might just end up with a pretty cool place.

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