MADISON, Wis. — After seven years under construction, Memorial Union has reopened its main floor to the public.

Although the union seemed to be in good condition, union director Mark Guthier said it was time for construction to preserve the 85-year-old building.

“It’s a nice plan to preserving some of the old, while also giving a nice upgrade to some of the spaces as well,” he said.

Guthier says it was also important to keep the traditional look.

“What we’re really trying to hope people experience is that it’s the exact same space, (but it) just feels a little bit updated. We don’t want people to come into say we destroyed the space, or this doesn’t fit, or this is really out of place, they need to see familiar things that they fell in love with,” he said.

While the Rathskeller remained recognizable, the Daily Scoop, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and the Badger Market are quite different after being relocated and adding new merchandise.

The rest of the Union is expected to reopen in January.


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