MADISON, Wis. — More than 600 University of Wisconsin-Madison students are raising money for a local charity through song and dance as part of an annual student-run musical competition.

Humorology, one of UW’s oldest traditions and the campus’ largest non-profit organization, gives students like Madison Cisewski the opportunity to sing, dance and volunteer.

“Humo so far has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve had in college. It’s definitely brought me my best friends just because you spend so much time together and you are with like-minded people because it takes a very special person to dedicate three practices a week to something that’s strictly for volunteering,” she said.

Each cast produces a 20-minute musical to benefit The Rainbow Project, a local nonprofit that provides services to assaulted children and their families.

They raise money by hosting fundraisers at State Street businesses, as well as by having fraternities and sororities donate money directly.

“In addition, we had a ‘Pie the Directors’ event where the casts go and donate money to pie their directors in the face because they love them so much. They actually raised so much money during that one 20 minutes just because there’s so much love in humo,” Rebecca Haas, a Humorology spokesperson, said.

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