MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Madison Gymnastics Club team made a splash at game day tailgates in the hopes of raising funds for their upcoming season.

Back tucks, handsprings and aerials are a few of the tricks the UW Gymnastics Club team will perform in exchange for a tip, or even a bratwurst at gameday tailgates. The team begins at the corner of Park and Regent Streets and works their way towards the stadium, ending at the parking lot on Randall Ave.

“We’re not allowed to accept beer, but people offer food sometimes, not too often, it’s usually just tips but the tips range anywhere from 50 cents to $20. Sometimes people try to make deals like ‘Oh, I’ll give you $20 if you do 20 flips,’ or something like that, so it really varies, depends on what section we’re in,” club secretary Jake Melvin said.

The money raised will go to travel expenses for meets throughout the midwest, including nationals which will be held in Columbus, Ohio, later this year.

“We’ve had a lot of success there in past years, the women’s competitive team has qualified for finals the past three years and we’ve had individuals qualify on the women’s competitive team as well, so we’re looking to continue our success in qualifications and then remain competitive. On the men’s side we’re looking to be a lot more consistent and put together, a more formidable men’s team,” club president Tyler Okonek said.

The club anticipates improvements in team scores after a semester of new members joining the team.

“Overall we are looking to have a lot of fun with the season and with competing. Placing would be great but whatever happens will happen and we’re just excited to be here competing and practicing,” club vice president Alli Tran said.

The UW Club will continue practicing in preparation for their first meet in December against Minnesota.

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