MADISON, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been ranked among the top five healthiest campuses in the country by ActiveMind.

Physical health plays a role in success in college. One student at UW-Madison described how she feels people take advantage of opportunities to get active.

“In the Midwest in general, this is an emphasis on fried foods, and cheese and beer, and I think that it really says a lot about our school and our University and community to show that we live in a such a beautiful area for people to get outside and be active,” UW senior Jourdan Buchler said.

UW-Madison sits on an isthmus between two lakes and features numerous opportunities for students to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Students do not only consider physical health important; many are also concerned about the mental well-being of their peers on campus.

“It is super prevalent and it is really stigmatized, so people do not talk about it a lot,” Kate Wees, a member of student organization Ask, Listen, Save, said.  “Our organization is here to bridge that gap and we want to let people know that it is okay if you are struggling with your mental health.”

As quoted in the ActiveMinds article, Dominic Ricci thinks UW has done a better job compared to other campus of getting conversations started about mental health

“The Greek men for violence prevention class there are not really a lot of classes like that on college campuses. So I guess what we have done a really good job of is promoting awareness,”  Ricci said.

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