October 27, 2016

Chicago Cubs fans head to Chasers Bar and Grille during the playoffs

The Chicago Cubs are making a historic playoff run. Many Cubs fans in Madison are going to Chasers Bar and Grille to watch the history unfold. The Badger Report’s Matt Davis has the story.

Reporter: Matt Davis

Photo Journalist: Matt Davis

October 27, 2016

Hayes’s College GameDay Sign

Nigel Hayes is a very prominent athlete on the UW campus. He is also very well known for standing up for change. Recently, Hayes held up a sign at ESPN College GameDay promoting college athletes pay for play. The Badger Report’s Sascha Malas has the story.

Reporter: Sascha Malas

Photo Journalists: Sascha Malas and AJ Garcia


November 19, 2015

Club Soccer’s Rise to Success

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin men’s club soccer team has only been on campus for five seasons, but that hasn’t stopped them from finding postseason success in such a short period of time. The Badger Report’s Brock Foster has the story.


November 4, 2015

Romana Kriskova’s Comeback

Madison, Wis.- There are very few things fans can pick up about an athlete’s personal character when attending a game. The Badger Report visited a Wisconsin Volleyball practice this week and discovered what kind of a right side hitter Romana Kriskova really is. The Badger Report’s Elise Romas has the story.

Reporter: Elise Romas

Photojournalist: Kerry Justich


October 29, 2015

Wisconsin Basketball Red and White Scrimmage

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin men’s basketball team held their annual Red and White Scrimmage on Sunday, giving fans a glimpse of the freshmen class. Following the departure of players like Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky, the pressure is on the new players to fill the void left by the former Badgers. The Badger Report’s Matt Foster has the story.


APRIL 23,2015

Boston Marathon 

Several Badgers were present at the 119th Boston Marathon, some competing and others cheering. The Badger Report’s Bryan Kristensen has the story.

Reporter: Bryan Kristensen
Photo Journalist: Erin Ovadal


APRIL 16TH, 2015

UW Women’s Tennis

The Wisconsin women’s tennis team returns for their spring season setting their focus not just on their goals, but also building as a team.  The Badger Report’s Erin Ovadal has the story.


NOVEMBER 20th, 2014

Women’s Soccer

UW-Madison’s women’s soccer, now ranked ninth in the country, is having a memorable year. The Badger Report’s Tricia Fishbune followed the team as they pulled out a win despite cold and snowy weather.


As with most sports, success bring fans, and the Wisconsin Volleyball is no exception. The Badger’s third in the NCAA and second in the Big Ten. The Badger Report’s Brett Bachman has the story.


Student Hockey Shootout

UW-Madison students had the chance to win Badger hockey season tickets at the student shootout. The Badger Report’s Tricia Fishbone got the scoop from some Badger hockey team members.


OCTOBER 31st 2013

Athletics & Community Service

OCTOBER 24th 2013

UW Men’s Rowing

Men’s rowing has opened its fall racing season, which comes with a rigid practice schedule, to compete with its national rivals. Kelli Kettell reports.


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