November 3, 2016

Reporter: Helen Matsumoto

Photojournalist: Carly Schesel

Wisconsin has one of the highest rates of drunk driving in the United States, but Jimmy Anderson, assembly candidate for District 47, is determined to fix that.
November 3, 2016

Voter Preparation

Early voting is available at the UW campus, at the Student Activity Center and Union South. Volunteers are on the sites to help voters determine what documentation they need.

Reporter: Estefan Saucedo

Photojournalist: Scott Behrens


October 27, 2016

Coffee with a Cop

As part of an initiative to help build partnerships with local community members, the West District Police Department invites locals to join them every Wednesday morning for Coffee with a Cop.

Reporter: Olivia Bruce

Photo Journalist: Rosario Dominguez


October 27, 2016

Cat Café

The Cat Café is a great place to snuggle up with a buddy and have a hot cup of coffee. It is partnered with two local shelters looking to provide these cats with a new home. The Badger Report’s Sascha Malas has the story.

Reporter: Sascha Malas

Photo Journalist: Morgan Liddell


November 19, 2015

Madison Community Experiences Solitary Confinement

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Public Library hosted an event last week where local prison reform advocates spoke about the use of solitary confinement in Wisconsin.  Community members gathered to hear from activist groups like Ex-Prisoners Organizing and to see the special feature of the event: a replica solitary confinement cell.  The Badger Report’s Melissa Behling has the story.


November 14, 2015

Native American Social Justice

November marks the Native American Heritage Month. A racial justice symposium in Madison calls public attention to social justice for indigenous people. The Badger Report’s Kelly Wang has more on the story.

Reporter: Kelly Wang

Photojournalist: Colleen Degnan


November 12, 2015

Oscar Mayer Memories

With Oscar Mayer set to close its Madison doors, the Badger Report’s Ken Kosirowski sat down with some now-retired Oscar Mayer veterans to learn about the company’s glory days.




November 12, 2015

READI Volunteers 


READI stands for ‘Retired Employees Are Dedicated Individuals’. These former Oscar Meyer workers contribute their time to over 50 organizations each year. With the Madison plant is closing, the group’s future is now in question. The Badger Report’s Jamie Sheskey has more.

Reporter: Jamie Sheskey

Photojournalist: Elise Romas


November 12, 2015

Drunk Driving Laws Due for a Change 

State Representative Jim Ott (R – Mequon) has proposed multiple bills to increase penalties for OWI and DUI offenses in the past few weeks. With Wisconsin being the only state in the nation that does not provide criminal punishments for first-time offenders, there is room for improvement. The Badger Report’s Patricia Johnson has more on the story.

November 4, 2015 

Madison’s Turkey Trotters Run for a Reason 

Madison’s 29th annual Turkey Trot attracted an eclectic crowd of runners; each with a unique story to tell. The Badger Report’s Colleen Degnan has more on the story.


October 26, 2015

Homeless people migrating after shunned from Madison City Hall

After being banned from sleeping outside the Madison City-County Building, many homeless people have migrated to State Street and Library Mall area. The Badger Report’s Jordyn Silverstein has more on the story.

Reporter: Jordyn Silverstein

Photojournalist: Kelly Wang



APRIL 23rd, 2015

We drink it everyday, but do we know what’s in it? The Badger Report’s Anthony DaBruzzi tells us what’s in Madison’s water and whether or not it could impact your health.


Last Wednesday in Madison, workers went on a strike in demand of a higher minimum wage. The Badger Report’s Aimee Zhang has the story.

MARCH 26th, 2015

Tony Robinson and police brutality were the main topics of discussion at the mayoral debate with Mayor Paul Soglin and Alderman Scott Resnick. The Badger Report’s Pamanisha Gross has the story.

MARCH 19th, 2015

The investigation into the death of 19 year-old Tony Robinson continues this week, but for many  in the community, taking time to honor his life is more important. The Badger Report’s Erin Ovadal has the story.



MARCH 12th, 2015

The William Street community continues to mourn the death of 19 year-old Tony Robinson as the State of Wisconsin’s Division of Criminal Investigation processes the evidence. The Badger Report’s Erin Ovadal has the story.



Walker’s Proposed Drug Testing for Food Stamps

With Governor Walker re-elected as Governor, his plans for the state may include drug testing of those seeking public assistance. The Badger Report’s Madeleine Behr looked into what implications this may have for Wisconsin.





Homelessness in Madison

The struggle to provide for Madison’s 777 homeless individuals is just beginning. Many end up sleeping outside during the cold winter months. The Badger Report’s Brett Bachman has the story.


OCTOBER 30TH, 2014

Issues of Incarceration in Dane County

Madison has recently been receiving criticism about how it handles incarceration. The Badger Report’s Madalyn O’Neill spoke with MOSES’ Jail Task Force Chair, Ann Pooler and Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney about MOSES and incarceration in Dane County.


OCTOBER 23, 2014

Walgreens closing leaves food desert in Madison

The closing of the Verona Road Walgreens location is leaving residents of the Allied Drive neighborhood with nowhere to shop for local groceries.


November Project: Winter Running


The Cost of Holiday Dinner

Each year the American Farm Bureau Federation averages the cost of a traditional holiday dinner. The Badger Report’s Grant Hermes did some shopping and the result isn’t what you’d expect.

NOVEMBER 14th 2013

Knitting for a Cause

One group of ladies at Memorial Library uses their lunch hour to knit clothes and blankets for those in need. The Badger Report’s Connor Smith was there with the story.

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