October 12, 2017

MADISON, Wis.– The UW Board of Regents approved a policy last week to suspend or expel students for disrupting campus speakers. But one student group uses their creativity to show just how important campus protest is.


Reporter: Lisa Milter

Photojournalist: Alanna Conley


November 3, 2016

MADISON, Wis.– Two ASM members started an online petition to get a fellow member recalled, which circulated across social media and lead to his resignation.

Reporter: Jordan Goggins-Bryant

Photojournalist: Olivia Bruce


November 3, 2016

MADISON, Wis. — Many students at UW-Madison have no problem finding food. However, some students don’t know where they’re getting their next meal. That’s where The Open Seat is here to help. The Badger Report’s Matt Davis and Trina La Susa have the story.


October 27, 2016

MADISON, Wis.– For ghosts, ghouls and goblins alike, this is the weekend of the year. Thousands are expected to attend this year’s Freakfest on State Street. And though the event is still a few days away, a downtown clothing store is already seeing a boost. The Badger Report’s Logan Reigstad and Matt Davis have the story.

November 20th, 2015

Madison, Wis. – As many students are getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving, some have homes too far away. The Badger Report’s Kerry Justich takes a look at how Chinese students are finding ways to celebrate this American holiday.


NOVEMBER 19th, 2015

MADISON, Wis. – Walking home at night can be scary and dangerous, but one man came up with a creative and safe way for students to get home after a fun night out. The Badger Report’s Elise Romas has the story.


NOVEMBER 14th 2013

China Connection

A historical photo exhibition brings China closer to the UW campus, showing the heating UW-China collaboration in all areas. Xin Wang reports.

NOVEMBER 7th 2013

Badger Herald’s ‘Rape Culture’ Letter-to-the-Editor

Campus was up in arms after an inflammatory letter was published in the University of Wisconsin’s Badger Herald newspaper. Sam Eichner sat down with the editor to find out more.


Haunted Science Hall

UW-Madison’s very own “haunted house” recently celebrated its 125th birthday. The Badger Report was there to investigate the ghostly rumors! Jennifer Ingish reports.


OCTOBER 31st 2013

SafeWalk Madison

With a spike in crime on campus, the nighttime transportation service SAFE Walk is experiencing their second highest ratings ever since the disappearance of Brittany Zimmerman in April of 2008. Alexandra Kessler reports.


OCTOBER 24th 2013

#MakeBoPay 2013

The Badger Report’s Connor Smith was at Bo Ryan’s Shooting Down Cancer event, where thousands of students came out to help fund cancer research.




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