Edgewood College Theatre is putting on an unusual production that combines the unique elements of theatre, radio, and film. The Badger Report’s Jerome Barnett has the story.

Olivia Rose: “‘Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play’ is a combination of shortened versions of Alfred-some of Alfred Hitchcock’s published movies.”

Olivia Rose: “In the style of a radio show set in the 1940s.”

Benson Gilkison: “I’ve worked on a bunch of shows here, but we’ve never had live foley art.”

Benson Gilkison: “So this is a really new experience for me and I definitely wanted to be a part of it.”

Olivia Rose: “I’m a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s work.”

Olivia Rose: “I really like the suspense that keeps you hanging on throughout the entire…I guess…work that you’re watching.”

Jeanne Leep: “What drew me to this play was that it had flexibility to deal with all the conditions that we have in our world right now.”

Jeanne Leep: “This show is one that we could do live in front of an audience or we could do it as a radio play.”

Olivia Rose: “This is a modem that I’m not familiar with, so just learning more about the craft in itself is expanding my knowledge in what it already is.”

Benson Gilkison: “I think it just opens a bunch of new doors for me. I’ve always been in the booth. I’ve never really been onstage doing this kind of thing, so I think it shows me that there’s  a lot more I can do with just some coconut shells and a matchstick and some sandpaper.”

Jeanne Leep: “I think it enforces something that I already believed, which is that the boundaries between the different art forms are soft and fluid.”

The first show will be tonight at Edgewood College at 7:30 p.m.

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