Crime trends are consistent as theft remains the number one criminal issue on the university campus. The report revealed that burglary on campus property was higher in 2019 than it has been in the past two years. There was more than a 20 case increase in 2019. But this indicates more than just a surge in burglaries.

“Anytime we see increased numbers in any categories, to us to a certain extent it indicates some sort of trust and comfort in people uhh reporting those matters to us,” says Marc Lovicott, the Director of Communications for the UW-Madison Police Department.

Downward trends in crime were also evident in the report. Liquor referrals were down more than 25% since 2018. This follows efforts from the police department and university health services to deal with alcohol consumption. Action like this is how the police use the results of the report to promote safety.

“The department of education through the Clery Act requires universities who receive federal funding to do this report every single year. This is just one tool for us to umm…ensure that we’re doing adequate things on campus to keep our community safe,” Lovicott says.

The report includes information about safety resources on campus for the community to reference. The department urges people to use this as a resource to guide their safety throughout the year. A list of contact information for university students and employees in crisis is available in the report.

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