While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges for students, one organization is helping young students with online classes and fitness during these difficult times.

At the Madison Community Center, the first tee program has become a daycare for students to focus on online schooling. The daycare allows students to learn online through Zoom and the program consists of students who come from single-parent or low-income housing.

The program helps out 24 students and they are given two meals per day. With WIFI and other amenities not being available to some students, the First Tee allows them to do schooling in a comfortable environment

“So we came up with a program that we call ‘school camp,’ so what that is the First Tee and East Madison Community Center come together to provide 24 kids access to the internet, access to one on one tutoringl. We wanted to help kids that necessarily didn’t have the means to play golf as well, so the First Tee brings that component in.”

Aside from playing golf, the first tee program does a variety of activities to promote physical activity. For Savado, his favorite part is seeing academic progress among the students.

“I think my favorite part is to hopefully see that kids who would normally believe that they can do something as far as getting their grades up, see their grades improve. You know I was one of them. I can see a lot of myself in these kids. They just gotta change their mindset. Once their mindset changes and they get the proper help. I think that once they see that their report cards get better, hopefully a lot of these kids can maintain that. So I think that’s what I’m mostly proud of right now.”

((Will)) While the pandemic has brought a lot of challenges, it’s nice to see organizations like the first tee making a difference. For the Badger Report, I’m Will Whitmore

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