“Is this the first time you’re voting in a presidential election? Yes, it is.”

“Yes ma’am it is.”

“This is my first time.”

Students who voted for the first-time believe their ballots are always important, but more so this year than before.

“I think it’s just part of being an American, like you should go out and vote whenever you can.”

“I think this is a critical point in history and I think there are a lot of issues at stake… I decided that it was really important that I voted.”

Records broke across the country as voter turnout numbers were higher than ever but this didn’t keep people from being on edge.

“When it’s not the peoples vote, it’s the vote of the few for everyone else and that’s nerve-wracking.”

Some residents made it clear that people must step up to the plate.

“I’m more the stance that the power is more in the people than in the elected representatives, so I think it is more or less all of our duty no matter what happens to ensure that our country is safe.”

Environmental activist group, Sunrise Madison, coordinated a watch party at the capital to ensure people’s voices were heard.

“Making a clear statement to Wisconsin that we value democracy and counting every single vote.”

The results are uncertain as votes are still being counted but Madison residents are certain democracy will prevail.

For the Badger Report, I’m Reagan Zimmerman.

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